Utien Pack Co., Ltd. Known as Utien Pack is a technical enterprise aiming at developing highly automated packaging line. Our current core products cover multiple products over different industries such as food, chemistry, electronic, pharmaceuticals and household chemicals. Utien Pack is founded in 1994 and becoming a well-known brand through 20 years’ development. We’ve participated in the draft of 4 national standards of packing machine. In adddition, we’ve achived over 40 patent technologies.Our products are produced under ISO9001:2008 certification requirement. We build high quality packaging machines and make a better life for everyone using the safe packaging technology. We are offering solutions to make a better package and a better future.

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    Founded In 1994
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    More Than 25 Years Of Experience
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    Over 40 Patent Technologies


  • Thermoforming machines

    Thermoforming machines

    Thermoforming machines,for different products, it's optional to do rigid film machines with MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), flexible film machines with vacuum or sometimes MAP, or VSP (Vacuum Skin Packaging).

  • Tray sealers

    Tray sealers

    Tray sealers that produce MAP packaging or VSP packaging from preformed trays that can package fresh, refrigerated, or frozen food products at various output rates.

  • Vacuum machines

    Vacuum machines

    Vacuum machines are the most common type of packaging machinery for food and chemical handling applications. Vacuum packing machines removes atmospheric oxygen from the package and then sealing the package.

  • Ultrasonic Tube Sealer

    Ultrasonic Tube Sealer

    Different from heat sealer, ultrasonic tube sealer use ultrasonic technology to enable molecules on the surface of the tubes to be fused together by ultrasonic friction. It combines auto tube loading, position correcting, filling, sealing and cutting.

  • Compress packaging machine

    Compress packaging machine

    With strong pressure, the Compress packaging machine presses out most of the air in the bag and then seal it. It has been widely applied to pack pluffy products, as it's helpful to reduce at least 50% space.

  • Banner welder

    Banner welder

    This machine is based on impulse heat sealing technology. The PVC banner will be heated on both side and joint together under high pressure. The sealing is straight and smooth.


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