Modified atmosphere pack(MAP)

Replace the natural gas in the package with the product specific gas. There are mainly two forms of modified atmosphere packaging in youtianyuan: thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging and prefabricated box modified atmosphere packaging.


Modified atmosphere packaging(MAP)

Modified atmosphere packaging is usually to maintain the shape, color and freshness of products. The natural gas in the package is replaced by a gas mixture suitable for the product, which is usually composed of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.

Tray packaging of MAP

MAP Packaging in Thermoforming

MAP packaging in thermoforming

 Tray Sealing of MAP


It can be used for the packaging of raw / cooked meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables or cooked food such as bread, cakes and boxed rice. It can better preserve the original taste, color and shape of food, and can achieve a longer preservation period. It can also be used to pack some medical and technical products.



Modified atmosphere packaging can extend the shelf life of products without using food additives. And can play a protective role in the process of product transportation to prevent product deformation. For industrial products, modified atmosphere packaging can be used to prevent corrosion. In the medical industry, modified atmosphere packaging can protect medical products with high packaging requirements.


Packaging machines ana packaging materials

Both thermoforming stretch film packaging machine and preformed box packaging machine can be used for modified atmosphere packaging. The preformed box packaging machine needs to use the standard preformed carrier box, while the thermoforming packaging machine is to perform other processes such as filling, sealing and so on after stretching the rolled film online. The shape of the finished product after modified atmosphere packaging is mainly box or bag.

Thermoforming packaging machine can be customized according to customer needs, such as providing stiffener, logo printing, hook hole and other functional structure design, to enhance the stability of packaging and brand awareness.

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