Vacuum machines

  • Cabinet Vacuum Packaging Machine

    Cabinet Vacuum Packaging Machine


    The machine adopts vertical pneumatic sealing, super large vacuum chamber, and open-type transparent vacuum cover. The vacuum chamber is made of stainless steel, suitable for chemical, food, electronics, medicine and other industries.

  • Vertical External Vacuum Packaging Machine

    Vertical External Vacuum Packaging Machine


    This machine is a vertical external vacuum packaging machine, with a vertical seal, which is suitable for vacuum or inflatable packaging of some large-volume items or products are easy to pour.

  • Table Type Vacuum Packaging Machine

    Table Type Vacuum Packaging Machine


    This machine is a table type vacuum packaging machine with special vacuum system and exhaust device. The whole machine is compact and can be placed on the desktop for vacuum packaging.

  • Desktop Vacuum(Inflate) Packaging Machine

    Desktop Vacuum(Inflate) Packaging Machine


    This machine is an external-type horizontal vacuum packaging machine, and is not limited by the size of the vacuum chamber. It can directly vacuum (inflate) the product to keep the product fresh and original, preventing, so as to extend the storage or preservation of the product the term.

  • Larger Chamber Vacuum Packaging  Machine

    Larger Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine


    It’s one of the most popular vacuum packers.The machine adopts a stainless steel vacuum chamber and a transparent high-strength plexiglass cover. The whole machine is beautiful and practical, and easy to operate.

  • Vacuum Packaging  Machines

    Vacuum Packaging Machines


    Usually, the vacuum packer will remove all the air inside the package, so the products inside the bag can be kept r for a longer period.
    With two chambers working in turns nonstop, the Double chamber vacuum packing machine is more efficient than traditional vacuum machines.