Thermoforming machines

Since 1994 at Utien Pack we have been developing and building thermoforming packaging machines made-to-measure for all packaging needs. No matter what the scale of your operation is, Utien Pack thermoformers can be tailored to your specific needs.

We use the latest in automated food packaging technology, modular design and interchangeable tooling to ensure you’re working at optimum levels. This gives you an advantage across product quality, freshness and shelf-appeal. With a focus on sustainability, we package your products efficiently and in the style of packaging that you want.


Working Precedure 

With special thermoforming technology, the machine is able to run the whole procedure from tray forming, filling, sealing,cutting and final output. The auto degree is high, while the defect ratio is low.



Depending on the material used, packages can be flexible or rigid. Our thermoforming packaging machines are suitable for vacuum pack, skin pack, and MAP technology, and the ideal solution for both food and non-food products.

Packaging can be involve sealing only, vacuum pack, modified atmosphere packMAPand skin pack.

Special cutting system used for different material. we manufacture cross and vertical cutting systems for flexible film, as well as die cutting for rigid film.


categories, not models!

Given the high customisation of each one of our projects, we prefer grouping our thermoforming packaging machines by general categories based on packaging types.

We therefore have thermoforming vacuum packaging machine, thermoforming MAP packaging machine and thermoforming skin packaging machine, each with its own unique features